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Your Fail Safe Guide to Gifts For Women

We understand, you've been burned in the past. We women can be a tricky lot to read. Short of us waving our dream gifts under your nose, there's a good chance you've got it wrong in the past. It's not for lack of trying - heaven knows if you could learn the way of the woman you would. If for no other reason than to score massive brownie points for nailing the perfect gift and be the envy of all your mates in the dog house. So in the name of happy relationships everywhere, read on for our advice on picking gifts for women:

  • When she tells you not to get her anything
GET HER SOMETHING. We're not even kidding. It doesn't have to cost the earth or be an extravagant display of affection. In fact, your best bet here is to go for something thoughtful rather than your money doing the talking. If you shoot too high on these occasions, you'll have nowhere to go on the big ones! Is she a sweet tooth? Surprise her with a posy of chocolate flowers starting from just $35. Is she partial to a drop of wine? Treat her to a mini bottle of sparkling and a few sweets on the side. She'll appreciate the gesture and you won't risk getting in trouble for an excessive purchase!
  • When she says ‰Û÷surprise me!'
 No you're not paranoid, this is a test. She wants to know whether you've been listening and how well you know her tastes. Side note: ‰Û÷surprise me' should not be confused with ‰Û÷locate the most random gift possible so there's no chance I'll guess it'. This isn't a scavenger hunt guys. Safety first - go with what you know. Is she on the latest detox or clean eating plan? Go for a fresh fruit bouquet. They're a knock-out gift that suits her lifestyle and shows her you support her goals (but you should definitely get some of the strawberries dipped in chocolate, just so you can tell her that she doesn't NEED to be on a diet!) Or alternatively, do you know her favourite type of chocolate? Mint Lindt balls? Cookies and Cream? Ask her friends if you need to, then arrange a chocolate bouquet full of her all-time favourites to be delivered to her at work. She'll love that you've made the effort and will feel like a queen for a day with everyone oohing and aahing over her gift!
  • When she warns you that you better top last year's gift
Time to pull out the big guns. Not only was she slighted by last year's effort, she's not even being polite about it. What the hell did you BUY?!  Never mind, we'll make her forget all about it. What you want here is our Luxury Moet Bloom. A bottle of genuine French champagne, surrounded by 60 quality Ferrero Rocher and Belgian chocolates in our most premium crimson and gold chocolate arrangement. It's lavish, yes. But can you put a price on your own happiness for the next 12 months?


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