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What makes people happy?

To find out what does 'make people happy' we ran a competition to celebrate International Happiness Day on 20th March, and asked people the big question.  We had nearly 1000 entries and our judging panel chose 10 entries featured below:

Its cliche, but the best things in life and what makes me the happiest, is the free and priceless things. A hug from a loved one, a smile from a stranger, random act of generosity, seeing people reach out for the needy and homeless. Not everything in life has a dollar tag, its the simple things we take for granted sometimes which mean the most. (Hang T)

Hearing my family and friends laughing. It is so infectious, I cannot help but smile and laugh at how much seeing them happy makes me happy.  The louder and more raucous, the better!! (Natalie P)

As a student midwife, delivering a baby into the world and watching that woman become a mum and just fall in love with her baby all in that one second, that is the best feeling in the world. Leaves me on a cloud all day! (Lauren H)

Picking up my little boy from childcare after a long day at work and seeing him run to me with a big smile yelling out to everyone in his class "that's my mummy" he melts my heart like chocolate fondue xx (Grace E)
Music makes me happy.  Singing in the shower, or just dancing around the house with the music blaring.  I was taught that life was not a dress rehearsal, and it is way to short, so I like to smile at the world and I find it will always smile back. I am just loving life. (Terri D)

Seeing people who are experiencing hardships and difficulties realise there is a way through it all to the other side and they get that "ah ha" moment. The light turns on, their whole demeanour and body language changes, and HOPE returns to them. Whether it is illness, money or relationship troubles, finding purpose in life, whatever, it is seeing a miracle take place before your eyes, and I love it:-)   (Rhonda S)

Happiness is a choice that we make in life. I make an effort to seek out things that make me happy and find the positive aspects to any situation. I find happiness when I am spending time with my friends or family at gatherings, dinners or parties. However, I also find happiness just being on my own, enjoying a nice cappuccino in a quiet caf̩, watching the bustling world go by.  (Maya A)

Watching my children achieve.  Even the little tiny things - finally reaching that light switch, writing their own name.  The delight on their faces is priceless! (Sue L)

Taking the time to appreciate life's little pleasures; heart-warming moments spent with family/friends, giving to those less fortunate and displaying generous humanity brightens up my life. Just like Edible Blooms, the magic comes from the sharing of inspirational happiness and treasured warmth- a smile is like a flower; it always blossoms, continues to flourish and brings a wondrous world of picturesque beauty!.(Kylie T)

My top 5!!  ~ Waking up on a Saturday morning and realising I can roll back over...  ~ Listening to my partner and puppy snoring in chorus...  ~ Clean bed sheets and fluffy towels straight out of the dryer...  ~ Receiving a handwritten letter...  ~ Laughing so hard it hurts...but it's impossible to stop! (Lucy M)

At Edible Blooms, we don't just deliver gorgeous gourmet gifts. We like to think we deliver happiness - and create huge, toothy delighted smiles.  We believe it's important to stop and reflect now and then about what does make you happy, it's a good question to ask yourself, and others.

And for an instant feeling of 'happiness' watch the YouTube clip below to see how it can translate to the dance floor!


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