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Valentine‰Ûªs Day Gift Ideas

We get asked a lot about the most appropriate gifts to send to spouses, new partners and even unrequited objects of affection at this romantic time of year. Now we're no Dr Phil, but we are a bunch of chicks and we know what chicks like. So armed with these rock solid credentials, we've put together this little guide to help the romantically challenged out there pick the right Valentine's Day gift this February...

You've just started seeing someone...

If you're not quite sure where it's going, but are erring on the side of caution in buying a gift, keep it casual. The Valentine's Day staples are perfect for this type of situation - chocolates, flowers, or even better - chocolate flowers! If you're still feeling out the waters, don't get anything too cutesy or too elaborate. A small gesture that says ‰ÛÏI'm not completely ignorant of the expectations for romantic occasions‰Û� is all that's called for here. A hint of what could be to come...

You're in a committed relationship...

Ahh, young love. For all its sunshine and frivolity, this is where you're expected to put the effort in. Here we recommend the double hitter - a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift and a romantic date night. Show some flair (and save some money) by combining the two, sending your partner a chocolate gift hamper with a bottle of bubbly and an invitation to share it together that night. An extra piece of advice? This is the time that words mean as much as gifts, so put some thought into a killer card message.

You're married or might as well be...

Now there's two ways that this can go. You've either outdone yourself year on year and need to keep upping the ante, or you've seen so many Valentine's Days together that watching a flick on the couch is the height of romanticism on Feb 14th. For the former, here's where you pull out the big guns - French Champagne within its own Chocolate Bouquet, containing over 60 Ferrero and Belgian Chocolates. Pow! We call it our Luxury Moet Bloom. For the latter, Valentine's Day gift choice is just as important to make sure you keep that spark alive. Reconnect with a gift that brings you together, like chocolate dipped strawberries or one of our very favourites... I Love you Monkey.

You haven't quite nabbed them yet... (That's what Valentine's Day is for, isn't it?)

Trying to win someone over? Our biggest piece of advice is to make sure the attention is welcome! If you're confident of a reciprocal spark brewing, Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to take the plunge. The trick here is to pick something that isn't so extravagant that it scares them into hiding, but also doesn't look like a token gesture you've dished out to half a dozen prospects. We've got just the thing - a Bucket of Love. Not in the figurative sense, but an actual pail of 40 loved-up sweets like red Belgian chocolate hearts and Baci chocolate kisses. From here, the wooing is up to you...

So go forth, googly eyed friends, spread the love this February but remember - Edible Blooms takes no responsibility should the ill-execution of your Valentine's Day gift delivery leave you in the dog house!


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