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Say goodbye to winter grey

Winter grey is so last season

10 ways to brighten your winter with Edible Blooms

It's winter. It's cold. It's wet. It's grey.

But wait - a little sunny cheer is here.

Check out these 10 easy ways to brighten your winter with Edible Blooms:

1. Desk delight: There should be no favourites at work - unless it's you. Buy a Happy Bloom. Put it on your desk. Sorted.

2. Tasty table centrepiece: Nothing says glamour like an edible centrepiece of the world's finest chocolates. Up the ante with our Luxury Moet Bloom and they'll be talking about your soiree for years.

3. Happy housewarming: Freezing outside? Warm your house with good friends and a big, bursting bloom of Belgian bliss. (If you've owned your place for ages, call it a house re-heating!)

4. Girl's night in: Facebook your favourite gals with a picture of our Chocolate Heaven Bloom (think choc-dipped strawberries and fabulous Ferrero Rochers) and ask if anyone's up for a girl's night in with this bad boy and a DVD. Prepare for a full couch.

5. Footy fever: Big grudge match coming up? Order a special bloom with the two competing team colours. If your team scores, you score a chocolate. Winning! 

6. Hot date delivery: Desperate for a date with that special someone? Click here for our Dream Date Hamper, write a time and place on the gift card and press order. Romance rolling your way.

7. Dessert's on us: When you've slaved like a Masterchef over entr̩e and main course, how do you top it with dessert? Easy. Leave it to us, chef.

8. Grandparents are go: Grandparents love chocolate. You love grandparents who babysit your children. Grandparents + chocolate + children = you guys getting a night out on the town. Devious? Maybe. Effective? Oh yes.

9. Reception rules: Order a gorgeous Baci Bloom for your work reception area or sales counter and you'll have clients racing through the door. The boss will love you - bonus!

10. Get in at the gym: Send a stunning, fresh fruit Aloha Delight Bloom to your gym and you'll float through the dreary winter months on a high tide of popularity.

Bright days ahead!

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Edible Blooms supports the responsible service and consumption of alcohol with the sale of all gift baskets, chocolate bouquets, flowers and hampers. It is an offence to sell or supply to or obtain liquor on behalf of a person under the age of 18 years.

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