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Looking for a reason to send Mum a Gift?

Well look no further...

In celebration of Mother's Day 2014 we ran an 'Amazing Mum' competition, and asked our loyal customers what was the most amazing thing their Mum (or motherly figure) had done for them.  

We were blown away by the entries - they made us proud, brought a tear to our eye and inspired us no end.  So out of the hundreds of entries, we wanted to share the top 12, the ones we deemed the 'winners' - in the hope they might inspire a little more gifting, to share the love and tell Mum why it is she is so appreciated.  We don't always need a reason to send Mum a gift, but if you're looking for one - here's a few to ponder over...

'My Mum did the most amazing thing I could imagine in adopting me and giving me an incredible life and family.'
- Suz, 2014

'My beautiful Mama made the decision to emigrate to Australia in 1973, to provide a better life and greater opportunity for us 6 kids. It was truly a selfless decision, leaving all her family behind to open our horizons, which proved to be the best decision she ever made. She still misses her family greatly, but gets to see them every few years and knows she made a great move! She is a real gem.'
- Lindsey, 2014

'My mom put her dreams of studying design on hold when she had my sister and I. She wanted to make sure she was always there for us to pick us up when we fell, help us make macaroni necklaces for the boys we liked and was always there as a shoulder to cry on when that boy broke our heart. She's now 55 and has just started university. She's a legend.'
- Sandra, 2014

'My Nan is a very shy person - however she joined the local theatre group and got up on stage and performed in front of 200 people because she wanted to support my dreams.'
- Lisa, 2014

'I was interested in sport as a kid and my mum wanted to fully support me and give me the best opportunities, so she relocated to another city (that she didn't even like!) just so I could have that opportunity. You're the best mum.'
- Emma, 2014

'My mother in law is amazing! She would go to work with holes in the soles of her shoes so she would put cardboard there as a substitute because she couldn't afford to buy a new pair. She tearfully told me that she did this so that her children had a meal to eat and this was what was important to her. She suffered through a marriage of physical and emotional abuse and I believe she deserves these Blooms to feel special this Mother's Day.'
- Stefania, 2014

'The most amazing thing my mum has done for me is teach me how to be truly kind to others on a daily basis, and without expecting anything in return. Throughout my life she has shown me this through her actions, such as anonymously leaving petrol vouchers in the letterbox of a family that was struggling, or taking a friend's daughter out for her birthday each year - this friend having passed away from breast cancer many years ago. My mum didn't tell me how to be kind, she showed it to me every day through her actions.'
- Vicki, 2014

'I could not find the perfect dress for my year 12 formal and had declared I would not be going. My Darling mother went into the city and searched all the shops and found my perfect dress. I had the best time at that formal and will never forget the story of the dress.'
- Stephanie, 2014

'My Mum is the best in the world I am 12yo and I have Cerebral Palsy she looks after and does everything for me everyday. No matter how tired or if she is sick she still gets up and feeds me breakfast everyday  I love my Mum heaps. My friend helped me type this because I need help to do everything.'
- Eliza, 2014

'My mother is my rock.  Two years ago at 24 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  Despite working part time and also caring for my Dad (who is in remission after battling cancer), Mum never misses any of my hospital appointments, medical procedures or the monthly hospital drug infusions I have.  She's the gentlest person I know, and also the strongest.  Mum is so many things to me: a mother, a teacher, a friend, a nurse and an inspiration.  For the sacrifices she makes, her love and support - I thank her.  She's the heart of our family.'
- Anna, 2014

'My mother is my hero. Struggling with cerebral cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and raising three children on her own...she is a woman i idolize. The most amazing thing she has done for me was during the darkest point in my life...when i went into labor at full term with my son. Informed my son was dying, i called my mother who was an hours drive away, she immediately dropped everything and ran to be at my side. She was my rock through his birth, death, funeral and Christmas that followed a week later. Without her strength, i wouldn't have found mine.'
- Jami, 2014

'My my had taught herself to sew because of the times she had to, she was amazing at sewing, we would buy magazines and point out outfits that we wanted, and there it was made. We always looked great. Never really new how amazing she was, sewing with no patterns, all our friends were always envious of our clothing.'
- Sophie, 2014


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