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Go on... Pay it forward!

Have you heard of the 'Pay it Forward' concept?

Perhaps you've done it, received it, read the book or watched the film with Haley Joel Osment, Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt...

'Pay if forward' is an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed repaying it to others instead of the original benfactor, and on the 24th April it's recognized as an International Day Of.  So in recognition of all the random acts of kindness out there we ran a Facebook competition, doing a shout out for examples of paying it forward, and we wanted to share some of these with you.

A little inspiration to encourage more good deeds paid forward across Australia, whether it be sending one of our lovely chocolate bouquets or just giving someone your parking ticket when it's still got an hour to go, whatever it is - the more often the better we say!

Enjoy the read...

'Mark Dold helped out a motorcyclist whose bike conked out in peak hour traffic, stopping behind him to protect him from other drivers in a hurry and helping him push the bike off to the side of the road so the guy could get it looked at. He hopes the guy will remember this event and pass on the favour one day.'
- Amanda, 2014

'My mum Margaret Sellar just cleared through her whole closet and donated 8 big rubbish bags full of clothes and shoes to 4 different families in need  this is just one of the many kind things my mother has done. She is the backbone of our family because of her unconditional love and support to help not just her family but others in time of need.'
Naomi, 2014

'Jimmy Harrington from adelaide has given up a years wages and has been walking around Australia to raise money for the brainchild foundation (children's cancer for the last 11 months) jimmy has so far raised $150,000 and has walked approx 13,000 km and is only 20 years old. Jimmys walk for cancer is Definately paying it forward.'
- Sally, 2014

'Someone who pays it forward is my mother she has a great flower garden and every time she goes to the cemetery she takes bucket loads with her to share. She says the same graves oer and over again have no flowers so she hates that either there is no one left to honour these people or maybe they dont live close by, mum believes in honouring and remembering the dead even if she doesnt know them. Its possible no one ever notices but its something mum has done for years. (I've also been warned when she dies I better bring Shirley Kennedy my mum.'
- Alanna, 2014

'An old colleague of mine spends every weekend helping out poor and disadvantaged children by looking after their needs. He recently started a not for profit organisation in the name of his late sister and is doing lot of charity work in India.'
- Archana, 2014

'Di Gooch is a mother of two. One of her children is disabled. That doesn't stop her. She works for the Red Cross. When she doesn't, she volunteers to entertain oldies in our small town. For me personally, Di has changed my life. She got me out of my depression, gave up a whole day to clean my house of my hoarding ways and is my personal cheer squad. An amazing woman who always pays it forward.'
- Lis, 2014

'An older friend (she is nearly old enough to be my grandmother) and although she has cancer and has had it for over 14 years is always helping others...things include helping maintain gardens, volunteer teaching at a local school, doing people's laundry for them , visiting other sick people, baking for others etc etc etc. she is amazing!!!!'
- Loren, 2014

'Although battling her own health issues, Emma ensures every child in her daughters class gets a birthday cake delivered to the classroom on their birthdays.'
- Lisa, 2014

'My husband Shayne Lithgow and I are extremely grateful to have had the very best care for our baby son when he was born 3 weeks early with complications. At 8 days old he was readmitted to hospital. Both times, the care we received at our local public hospital was exceptional, and for our son, life saving. We now make a point of regularly paying it forward by donating to the Children's ward. Books, games, DVDS - anything to make the lives of children and their parents in hospital a little easier. Its also important that all 3 of our children are involved and see how important it is to give, and to pay it forward whenever possible, and also to see that little things really can make a big difference.'
- Kylie, 2014


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