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Gift card messages with bite

Gift card messages can be a tricky business - do you blurt out everything you feel, or let the gift do the talking? Our advice (and boy, we've written a few of these messages over the years) is to keep it real.

Remember, this gift is likely to be delivered when you're on the other side of town, or even in a different city or state. You can say things you might be too scared to say face-to-face, so you can be as honest and as open as you dare to be.

Take the time to think about what you really want to say. Five words of heartfelt sentiment - delivered with a beautiful edible bouquet - could well be the most powerful thing you ever say.
In a nutshell: keep it short and sweet, and be sincere.

If you can't decide which Edible Bloom says exactly what you want to say, here are the most popular chocolate bouquets chosen for most heartfelt reasons:

For inspiration, here are just a few of the 1000+ gift card messages we received in our chocolate diamond pendant competition. (Get out the tissues for the first one - which won the prize!)

‰ÛÏDear Joe, The night we met, I slipped over in a puddle and brought you down with me. You said I was cute. The first night we spent together I accidentally kicked you in the face trying to get out of the bath. You told me you loved me. The day we got married I sneezed on you so badly you looked like something out of Ghostbusters. You said stay with me forever. That was 10 years ago. Yesterday my skirt fell off when I reached up to hug you. I am still 100% clumsily in love with you.‰Û�

"You were the girl who lived across the road, I was the shy bloke who lived in the house opposite. You were 17, gorgeous and had eyes like sapphires, and I was love sick.  Acute appendicitis made you notice me!  Since then, you have been my bride, my love, my life for 65 years on 10th February. I will visit you in the nursing home, and hold your hand and you may gaze at me through those jewel eyes and ask, 'Who are you?' but I know the answer lies in wait in your heart. I love you darling."

"The sun is rising, I'm awake, thinking of today, the promises we will make. The weather is perfect - no chance of rain, Mum makes breakfast - pancakes and champagne. Bridesmaids assemble to get hair and makeup done, giggling with excitement - saying our life has just begun. Dad arrives and has a twinkle in his eye, tells me he's proud almost making me cry. On with my veil and grab my bouquet, the cars arrive we're on our way. Church bells peel as we enter the gate, and I walk down the aisle to meet my soul mate!"

 "You are the reason I smile every day, why my heart misses a beat. You are the skip in my step, and the weekend to my week.  You are the bubbles in my champagne, intoxicating my mind. You are my oasis, an escape from the daily grind.  With true love blooming in my heart, and gratitude through and through.  You are my flawless diamond, my perfect fit, and I simply love you."

"Serendipity sat you on the plane next to me, we talked the whole flight. I fell in love with you before we landed, now I've been your wife for four years, and my tummy still flies when I kiss you."

"Curt, You're the lime to my beer, the chocolate to my strawberry, the big spoon to my small and the reason I wake up in the morning. I can't imagine life without you & I don't want to. Happy Valentine's Day. I love you. Clare."

"To the beauty in my life, You are my world, my princess, my wife. Your eyes dazzle when you smile, If love was a crime I'd be on trial. I will always hold your hand, because I'm your loving man.  When you feel sick and your head droops, I comfort you and bring you chicken soup. When our lives come to a close, there is still one thing that glows. The feelings we have for each other is strong, and our love in the spirit world will live on."

"May u always follow your dreams and always believe in urself. Keep ur eyes on the stars and hope in ur heart and leave the rest to the universe. I love u."

"Love means a great deal. It's something you feel. Not something you touch. It touches your heart It touches you soul It something that can make you feel whole. That is why I am sending your way all the love you need today. Hoping you feel loved and special and adored everyday. Love you more that words can say. xxxx"

"Love makes you feel lighter.  Love gives you strength.  Love makes you grow fonder when your other is absent.  Love fills your heart.  Love widens your grin.  And love with you is,  what I'll forever be in."


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